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The Cricket Nation – Meet Errol Flynn

    It’s time again to meet a member of our Cricket Nation – the people behind Cricket Wireless dedicated to giving you something to smile about. This is the 2nd story of a series where we shine the spotlight on some of the key people who truly show that Cricket Cares about our customers and the communities we serve.


    Errol Flynn, who’s been at Cricket for four years, supports our South Florida authorized retailer community and is responsible for seeing strong growth and productivity in his market.


    Errol and the South Florida team have donated their time to several fundraisers and charitable causes as part of Cricket team-building activities, giving back to our communities.


    In June they installed a roof and panted a Habitat for Humanity home in Pompano Beach, an opportunity brought to the team by Crystal Thompson on the sales team. According to Errol, “Like all the causes we have worked on, we did not hesitate to help. I play alongside some caring and dynamic individuals!”


    5 Questions with Errol

    Q:        In which charitable organization are you personally active, and why?

    A:        In addition to helping my team support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Junior Achievement of Southern Florida, Make-a-Wish South Florida, and city clean-up events, I also personally contribute to Miami Rescue Mission. My team and I believe helping our community is the right thing to do.


    Q:        What’s the one word you’d use to describe yourself as a child?

    A:        Inquisitive. My brother is 7 years younger than me, so much of my early years was spent reading anything within an eyeshot away. This led to me pursuing an engineering degree. I always took things apart and tried to put it back together, most the time with no leftover parts.


    Q:        Do you have a personal hero? Who is it?

    A:        My dad, Gersham Flynn. He and my grandfather were my first examples of how to be a humble leader.


    Q:        How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?

    A:        The pair I’m wearing now has been in my closet since 1999.


    Q:        Go-to smartphone?

    A:        I use the iPhone 6S Plus because of its large screen and stable operating system, which has been a change over the years. Blackberry to Android, and now iPhones.



    How does Errol describe Cricket’s culture in just one word? Refreshing.