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The Cricket Nation – Meet Rhonda Blackford-Noonan

    In honor of Customer Service Week (this week), this week’s edition of “Meet the Cricket Nation” (profiles of the people behind Cricket Wireless dedicated to giving you something to smile about) features Rhonda Blackford-Noonan, who heads up our customer and sales support organization.


    Rhonda has been with Cricket since it relaunched in 2014 and works from our headquarters in Atlanta. She and her team are the voice of the customer and of the company every single day. She does all she can to make sure we get it right every time and provide a great experience along the way. If something isn’t working, she to talks and listens to internal teams to understand what obstacles need to be removed to make sure we can meet the commitment to our customers. 


    According to Rhonda, “I love being part of this team, and the work we do; I get to see the impacts we make in the lives of others in so many ways. I know people say it all the time, but we truly are an extended family…spending more time with each other than with our own most days. We push each other, and we pick each other up off the ground when one of us falls.”


    5 Questions with Rhonda

    Q:        What would you be doing if you weren’t in your current position at Cricket Wireless?

    A:        Probably running every morning, and working on a farm somewhere, with horses, cows, goats and dogs. Lots of dogs!


    Q:        Do you have a personal hero? Who is it? 

    A:        Both of my parents.  I’m the equal mix of them, and I’m grateful to how they raised me.  Like most kids, I didn’t appreciate their strict rules, but I know now they definitely knew what was best.  My mom is a driver, and my dad was the guy who never met a stranger.  I was very lucky to have such grounded parents.


    Q:        What's the most important lesson you've learned in the last year? 

    A:        We still have a long way to go in our nation to be good, kind people and accept differences of opinion.


    Q:        How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?

    A:        My first pair of marathon running shoes. They are10 years old now!


    Q:        Go-to smartphone?

    A:        I’m comfortable with, and use, Apple products.



    How does Rhonda describe Cricket’s culture in just one word? “Can I say three? Fast. Flexible. Fun.”



    A few of members of Rhonda's team giving themselves #STSA.
    A few of members of Rhonda's team giving themselves #STSA.