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The #LemonAid Stand: Who knew making LemonAid would feel so good?!

    We’ve got something for you to smile about today! And maybe cry a little, too. Our latest video sees the Cricket Smile Team setting up a LemonAid stand in the middle of a park offering passersby a free glass of LemonAid. All they have to do is help make life’s lemons into actual LemonAid.


    Bullies, physical ailments, and breakups. This heartfelt story of people saying goodbye to what ails them by pulverizing a lemon that’s made into a tasty beverage will tug at your heartstrings.


    Check it out. We dare you not to get a little choked up, but it truly is something to smile about.



    Share with someone who needs something to smile about #LemonAid #STSA, and tell us on Twitter at @CricketNation life’s lemons you’re turning to LemonAid!