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The Spooky Selfie Generation: 38% Say They’ll Have More Costume Pics than Candy this Halloween

    Halloween is historically one of the busiest days for texting photos and videos to friends and family according to studies, so Cricket Wireless polled people to find out just how much their smartphone is integrated into their activities this O’ Hallows Eve.


    Candy has been synonymous with Halloween for as long as we can remember, but according to our Twitter poll, nearly 4 out of 10 people will have a phone full of costume pics that is greater than their candy stash.


    We know many of our customers are mobile fanatics, but even we were spooked to see that close to half of those polled admitted that they spend so much time on their phone that they turn into a Halloween Zombie!


    And nothing is scarier than a bad selfie. Nearly 3 in 4 people in our poll admitted they’re a selfie monster! They send lots of failed selfies to the grave looking for that perfect shot to share.


    Also, according to our Google polls across six major metropolitan areas, we found that:

    • Chicagoans are most likely to snap pics on their phone over other metros taking the polls
    • Miami posts more pics to social media than the other 5 cities
    • People in Los Angeles like to text costume pics to friends more than other cities in our polls


    Share on Twitter your costume and other Halloween pics with @CricketNation this year!