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Unlock Your Lady Powers: 5 Ways to Protect Your Worth

    This Women’s History Month we will feature a few of Cricket’s great women leaders who will share their insights and advice for young women.


    By Elizabeth Swann


    This Women’s History Month we will feature a few of Cricket’s great women leaders who will share their insights and advice for young women.


    Men and women differ biologically, but research suggests that we think differently too. Different, but certainly not lesser.


    For instance, in 2013, The National Academy of Sciences found that women have more connections to the right and left sides of the brain, potentially making it easier to flip back and forth than their male counterparts. That doesn’t mean we all multitask well, but we may be better wired for it. That is just one example of how we differ.


    Differences in communication styles (and societal expectations, really) can present challenges to young women to build and exude the confidence needed to be successful in their careers.


    At the office, I’m constantly challenging myself to overcome that next hurdle and never get complacent. I aspire to be a strong and respected leader for my team and for my community. When I’m gone, I want to know that I gave it my all and made a difference in a positive way – honestly and altruistically. Challenging myself and others makes me a better employee, team member, leader and mom.


    If you’re a woman getting ready to join the workplace, or even if you are in the later stages of your career, I can’t tell you how important it is to protect your worth. Don’t let anyone minimize what you bring to the table.

    5 Ways to Protect Your Worth

    1. Don’t accept anything less than what you expect. Getting in the door can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that you have to perform work that minimizes your value. Set your sights on what you want, and then forge a plan to get there. Don’t be apologetic about it.


    1. Listen to your gut, but back it with facts. Don’t second guess what you know. And be willing to trust your gut.  But also prove that it is true with research, tangible measurement and a strong point of view. Always follow through with that inner voice and add evidence to back it up.


    1. Don’t be afraid to flex. Never apologize for coming from a position of strength, one that is rooted in research and knowledge. It’s okay to take a position of opposition or to promote your point of view, so long as it is something more than just your gut talking. See previous paragraph.


    1. Find a strong female mentor. It is so important for each of us to see someone ahead of us who we relate to and who experiences life through a similar lens. This is not to say that all women experience things the same way, but many of us have common experiences. Talking to someone who can help line up strategies to address common experiences is invaluable.


    1. Recognize the field laid out before you, but play your own game. Understand the workplace landscape, including hierarchy and personalities in the work place, but don’t let it limit you. Interpreting challenges and opportunities, then navigating around them, will help you devise your own strategy for operating around the challenges. And taking advantage of the opportunities will make you a whole lot more effective in the work place.


    Personally, I want my own children to be confident. I want my daughter to shrug off negativity and all the “can’t do” that gets hung in front of her. I want her to say, “I can do anything.” I want that for girls, and young and experienced women. I want that for you – both personally and professionally.


    Tell us how you protect your worth by shooting us a note on Twitter at @CricketNation using the hashtag #WHM2018 and #protectyourworth.


    Elizabeth Swann oversees Cricket’s sales operations. She’s a mom to a son and daughter, and is one of the women leading incredible teams here at Cricket.