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My Account allows you to manage your Cricket information all in one place. You can pay your bill, change your plan, add features, and more. Need help? See our frequently asked questions below.

Your username is an identifier of your choosing.
If you know your password, you can try to log in using your phone number. To reset your username, enter your Cricket phone number, check the CAPTCHA box to prove you're human, and select Get Username. You will receive a text message with your username.
When you reset your password, we will text you a temporary password. If you do not receive the text, please wait five minutes and try again. If you still do not receive the text, call Customer Support at 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538) for assistance.
To reset your password, enter your Cricket phone number and username and answer a security question. Your password must be 6-24 characters, including at least one letter and one number. Read more on password requirements and tips.
You can get your account number by signing in to your myCricket app or My Accountonline, calling or chatting with Cricket Support, or visiting a Cricket store.  
It's based on the date you activate your Cricket service. Learn more about how your due date works.
You can change your due date by calling Cricket Support. Similar to plan changes, you are limited to two (2) due date changes per billing cycle. However, your due date will change if you miss a payment and your account is suspended. If that happens, your due date will change to the date you pay your outstanding balance and your account is restored. If you schedule a plan or feature change for the start of your next billing cycle, you won't pay for that change until your due date.
Sign in to your myCricket app or My Account online. You may also call or chat with Cricket Support or visit a Cricket store.
Open your myCricket app or go to My Account online to view your data usage. Remember, voice calls and text messages are unlimited.  
Sign in to My Account online. Go to Account Settings and select the Manage Emails link. To add an address, click Subscribe next to the appropriate line. To update an address, click Edit next to the appropriate line.
Yes, the language you select will apply for all communications you receive from Cricket, including text messages, emails and automated phone calls. To change your preferred language, sign in to My Account. Go to Account Settings and select the Change Language link. Choose your preferred language, then select Set Language. You'll receive confirmation on the screen and via text message.  
To turn Stream More on or off in My Account online, log in, select Account Settings in the top right. Scroll down to Your Lines and click the Manage Data link to the right of your line. Then switch the toggle On or Off depending on your preference.
Sign in to your myCricket app or My Account online. In the myCricket app, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen to view your Account Settings. You will be able to see your business name, the business contact, and your account type. In My Account online, go to Account Settings. You will be able to see your business name, the business contact, and your account type.

It's easy to view and change your Cricket account info online or on your device.

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