Got a busy day and can't answer every call? Voicemail just makes sense - especially in today's complex world. That's why Cricket Wireless service includes Basic Voicemail and Visual Voicemail (for smartphones) at no extra charge.

Voicemail Features:

  • Store up to 20 messages at a time.
  • Receive messages up to two minutes long.
  • Record your own personal greeting.
  • Passcode-protect your inbox for security.

What's Visual Voicemail?

  • View a list of messages on your smartphone screen and choose the order in which you listen to them.
  • Just tap a message and listen. It's easy to pause, rewind and fast forward within the message.
  • iPhones and some Windows* phones come with built-in Visual Voicemail.
  • Android phones can use the Cricket Visual Voicemail app.
  • Visual Voicemail does use data from your high speed data allotment.
  • Review the Cricket Visual Voicemail app End User License Agreement.

* Some Windows devices that are brought to Cricket already have the built-in Windows Visual Voicemail. Availability depends on software and configuration settings. 

Cricket Windows phones with the latest OS updates have access to the visual voicemail built-in application. If your Cricket Windows device doesn't have the application, update your operating system. You can also check out the Device Support page for your device.

Having trouble getting your voicemail messages?

  • First, turn your phone off and then turn it back on. You should be able to get your messages now.
  • Perform other Troubleshooting Steps.
  • Call or chat with a Cricket Support Advocate.

Have an Android device and need the app? No problem!