Got a busy day and can't answer every call? Voicemail just makes sense - especially in today's complex world. That's why Cricket Wireless service includes Basic Voicemail and Visual Voicemail (for smartphones) at no extra charge.

Basic Voicemail Features

  • Store up to 40 messages at a time
  • Receive messages up to four minutes long
  • Record your own personal greeting
  • Set a password to protect your inbox for security

Visual Voicemail Features

Staying up to date with your messages is easier than ever before! You no longer have to listen to your oldest messages first, or go through a dozen messages just to hear the most recent one.

With visual voicemail you can

  • View a list of messages on your smartphone screen;
  • Read transcripts of your voicemail messages;
  • Choose the order in which you listen to messages;
  • Just tap a message to listen. Pause, rewind and fast forward within the message;

Visual Voicemail uses your high-speed data or Wi-Fi to access and review voice messages.

Phones with the Visual Voicemail App

iPhones and some Windows phones come with their own built-in Visual Voicemail. Windows Visual Voicemail availability depends on software and configuration settings.

Cricket Windows phones with the latest OS updates have access to the visual voicemail built-in application. If your Cricket Windows device doesn't have the application, update your operating system. You can also check out the Device Support page for your device.

Have an Android device and want the app? No problem!

Cricket offers a visual voicemail app just for Android users! Review the Cricket Visual Voicemail app End User License Agreement. Get it on Google Play: