Certified Pre-Owned Phones

What is a Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phone?

Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phones are previously owned phones that have been thoroughly tested to ensure they function properly. Each phone has the latest operating system software installed, has been cleared of personal and/or sensitive information from the previous owner, repackaged, and passed a cosmetic assessment.


What is the difference between a Certified Pre-Owned phone and a brand new phone?

Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phones typically have been used by a former owner for a few months or longer. The phones may have noticeable cosmetic blemishes including minor scratches and casing dents, and may contain repaired or replaced parts. In contrast, brand new phones have never been used and come in the original packaging with all the original parts.


How can I activate my Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phone?

Activation for your Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phone works the same as if you purchased a new phone. After ordering online, you can activate online by entering your mobile phone number and order number. Make sure your SIM card must be inserted and your phone is powered on before you activate. 


Can I return or exchange a Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phone?

Yes. You have seven days to return or exchange your Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phone, starting from the date you received the device. Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.


If I have a problem with the Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phone, is there a warranty?

All Cricket Certified Pre-Owned phones carry a 90-day manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. Please review the warranty information provided by the manufacturer of your device for complete information.