Thanks to our Authorized Retailers (ARs) running stores across the country, Cricket Wireless customers are met with connection and care. In light of Independent Retailer Month, we’re celebrating this diverse and talented network of Cricket Wireless ARs and the many ways they’ve impacted their communities and personal lives throughout their journeys.

An experience described as challenging and rewarding, joining the Authorized Retailer Network opens doors for endless growth. “The team at Cricket wants to see you succeed and will work with you month after month to get stronger and thus more profitable,” says Sergio Flores with Talk 4 Less Wireless in El Paso (TX). “It’s truly something every business owner wants to see.” Sergio has been with Cricket for 16 years. His early days working the stores, cleaning windows and passing flyers turned into operating 235 stores across 14 states and 650 employees. Sergio Flores

Flexibility and freedom are factors that many of our ARs find unique to this role. “You really have the best of both worlds,” says Sergio. “You can run your business and make decisions that are best for your current situation.”

Cricket Authorized Retailers are truly empowered to bring their set of values, culture, and creativity to drive the Cricket mission forward. Sergio, for example, has found a way to bring his predominantly Hispanic customers something familiar that made them smile. “On a hot summer day before a store sales event, I stopped and purchased boxes full of frozen popsicles or what Hispanics call ‘paletas’ and we used them to help us approach customers around the store and it was a huge success! We now have a paleta cart where we store our frozen paletas and it is wrapped in Cricket, and we take it to our marketing events and pass these out for free. The community loves to see us coming and they tell us about how much they appreciate Cricket and the value it gives them.” Sergio consistently looks for more grassroots initiatives like this to help grow the business and clientele.

For Wally Guerra with ASA Communications, Inc. in Weslaco (TX), this flexibility, and freedom allowed him to succeed in the role most important to him – being the best possible father and husband. “I made a promise to my daughter that I would be responsible and ensure she grew up with what she needed to live a successful and happy life.” As someone who built a life from scratch in a new country at 14, facing legal, economic and cultural challenges along the way, Wally was determined to reach the entrepreneurial goal and financial freedom to help propel his family forward and live comfortably – and he was able to do just that. The position granted him the ability to own stores throughout the country, while operating right from his home where he could raise his family. Today, his three children have grown up to pursue successful careers. Wally Guerra

We’re on a mission to continue bringing in dedicated Authorized Retailers with diverse perspectives and will help you grow your personal and professional goals in any direction along the way. We’re looking for open-minded, committed individuals who are excited about making an impact and close connection with the communities where they operate. To learn more about the benefits and how to join the network, you can visit here.