CSR Building Happy, Healthy Connections

Building Happy, Healthy Connections

We're creating a better world for youth

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Active in our community

Cricket cares about supporting young people and their families. Our programs focus on fostering kindness, healthy mobile habits, and providing mobile resources. We engage in our communities to create a kinder, healthier world.

Mentoring Kindness

Mentoring kindness

Kindness is at the center of what we do at Cricket and how we treat each other and our customers. That’s why we are partnering with great role models for kids - those who are kind and ready to bring out the smiles in others.

Meeting problems head-on

Meeting problems head-on

Our digital world can be challenging for kids and teens, but it can also be a lifeline. We’re dedicated to supporting youth with programs and initiatives that provide them kindness and empathy when they need it the most.

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