Cricket Real Time Text

What is RTT?

Cricket's Real-Time Text (RTT) is a modern accessibility solution that is superior to previous technologies such as TTY. RTT is text that is transmitted instantly when it is being typed or created. As quickly as characters are typed on the sending device, they are displayed on the receiving device. Aka Real-time is something that occurs within a fraction of a second!

Cricket Real-Time Text Benefits

Real-Time Text is especially helpful for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or have a speech impairment. RTT is also useful for loud environments, or sending detailed information such as addresses.

Key Features of RTT:

  • Eliminates the need to connect to mobile TTY devices
  • Works on both the Cricket cellular network and Wi-Fi Calling
  • Offers a more natural conversation flow compared to TTY and relay services
  • Supports simultaneous text and speech on RTT-to-RTT calls

Cricket Real-Time Text important information

  • RTT to TTY (TTY to RTT) communications may be limited by the TTY capabilities. The communication between RTT and TTY users will require one-way communication until the person finishes talking. Then the other person may respond back textually. The communication will be limited to characters that work with TTY.
  • You may experience issues when receiving calls on your RTT device when other softphone applications (e.g. FaceTime and Skype) are running at the same time.
  • The app performs best on 4G enabled devices. 3G network functionality is limited.
  • Cricket RTT service is functional only on Cricket certified Wi-Fi enabled devices. RTT on non-Cricket devices is not supported.
  • For an interim period, you can only make Cricket to Cricket RTT calls. Cricket is working with the wireless industry to permit RTT-to-RTT calling between carrier networks.
  • Handsets associated with suspended accounts operate in the same manner as handsets that are not activated for service. Those handsets can make only voice 911 calls. Customers on suspended accounts will not be able to make an RTT call until the account has cleared.

For more information read the Real-Time Text End User License Agreement.

Download and Use the Cricket RTT Real-Time Text App

Learn how to download, set up and use the Cricket Real-Time Text app on your wireless device.

Download the Cricket Real-Time Text app

Get the app from your device's app store (data rates may apply for app download & usage):

  1. Android 4.4 or later - download from Google Play
  2. iOS 9.0 or later - download from App Store

Set up the Real-Time Text app

When setting up the app, first ensure you are on the mobile network by turning off Wi-Fi and then follow the next steps:

  1. Open the downloaded RTT App
  2. Accept the app permissions for GPS, address book, and notifications. These are essential for the app to function correctly.
  3. View and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Enter your emergency address.
  5. Select Yes or No to send all incoming calls to the app.

Use the Real-Time Text app

The Real-Time Text (RTT) app automatically imports contacts from your phone.

Note: Contacts added or edited in the RTT contacts list are updated to your phones regular contact list.

  • To add a new contact, tap the + icon at the bottom of the contact list screen.
  • To edit a contact, tap the pencil icon at the top of the contact card screen.
  • To mark a contact as a favorite, tap the star next to the contacts name in the contact card.

Making and receiving Real-Time Text calls

  1. To make a RTT call, tap on the name in the app's contact list
  2. Tap the Real-Time Text call icon
  3. To end the call, tap the red end call icon

Important Note: To make an emergency call, open the keypad and dial 911. The RTT call will be converted to TTY tones and text communication with the 911 center will occur in TTY mode.

Making and receiving voice calls

  1. To make a call, tap on the name in the contact list
  2. Tap the Call icon
  3. To end the call, tap the red end call icon.

To answer an incoming call, either tap the green phone icon from within the app or the answer using your phone's standard phone app.
The app allows standard phone functions such as placing call hold and conference calls (conference calls are voice only).
Important Note: If you start a voice call and decide you need to type your message, tap in the message box at the bottom of the screen and your device's keyboard will appear enabling you to type your message. You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard if you have one, but this should be connected before using the RTT app.


Real-Time Text FAQs

What is Real-Time Text?

Real-Time text (RTT) communication allows a conversation of text and voice for everyday and emergency calls. It's started like a voice call and is distinct from instant messaging, SMS, and email. Recipients see each text character appear on their devices as senders enter them.

Is Real-Time Text only available to Cricket customers?

RTT is only available to Cricket customers at this time. Cricket is working with the wireless industry to implement RTT across providers and phone manufacturers. Cricket is also working to develop standards to permit RTT-to-RTT calling between networks.

Is Real-Time Text compatible with TTY?

Yes, you'll be able to converse with RTT and TTY users. But, TTY has more functional limitations than RTT. When a RTT user is communicating with a TTY user, both parties will be constrained by the limitations of the TTY device. For example, TTYs are limited to 50 characters while RTT has no character limits.

Can I call 911 or 711 with Real-Time Text?

Yes, you'll be able to dial 911 and reach a public safety answering point. You'll also be able to dial 711 and reach a state telecommunications relay center. RTT works with TTY and lets you have a real-time text conversation with a TTY equipped center.

How is Real-Time Text different to TTY?

RTT works as part of a phone's software so it doesn't require a separate keyboard device like a TTY. It allows much faster typing speeds and users can type messages and speak at the same time. Also, there is a larger character set, including special characters like @, and it recognizes other languages.

What does Real-Time Text cost?

There's no additional cost for the service.

Do I need to buy new equipment to use Real-Time Text?

No, but you'll need a RTT capable wireless Phone.

Do I have to switch to Real-Time Text?

No. You'll be able to use your current TTY devices since they will be fully supported for the next several years. Eventually RTT will be the text accessibility solution for voice calls.

Can I use RTT to communicate with messaging apps?

No. Just like with TTY, RTT users can't communicate directly with instant messaging and text messaging apps, like iMessage and AOL messenger. You can communicate with RTT and TTY users.

Can I still use my TTY with my service?

Yes, as long as Wi-Fi Calling is not active.