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Time to pay your bill? Short on funds?

Cricket BridgePay® Has Got You Covered.

BridgePay lets you break your bill up into two manageable payments.

To activate BridgePay
Make the first BridgePay payment at a Cricket Store or by calling 1-800-274-2538. How It Works

More About BridgePay

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How It Works

1. Make the first BridgePay payment.

2. Receive 7 extra days of service.

3. Make the second payment before the end of the 7-day extension period, or your service will be suspended.
Full Details
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Why Use BridgePay?

Flexibility – you can break up your payment if you don't have the full amount.

Security – you can keep your service on during the 7-day extension.

Peace of Mind – you can relax, knowing you've got options!