We all stream with Stream More

I Stream, You Stream

Can't shake that video addiction? No worries.
With Stream MoreSM, you can stream more video using less data. It's true. You'll stream at standard definition and get great video quality for your smartphone screens. Get ready for some smooth streaming!

What's in it for you?

Dvd Quality Video

DVD-Quality Video

Watch more video using the same amount of data, and enjoy a great viewing experience. Stream More will be applied automatically, no setup necessary.
Less Data Drama

Less Data Drama

Save your data for surfing the web and social media. Stream More helps you conserve data by streaming select high-definition videos at standard quality. The result is a great viewing experience.
Streaming using Wi-Fi is not affected.

Update Preferences & Streaming Information

For more information on Stream More and Cricket's Mobile Broadband service, visit Mobile Broadband Information.