New and existing customers in good standing with at least two (2) eligible lines of service on one account will automatically receive Group Save discounts. Lines with a plan starting at $40/mo are eligible for Group Save discounts. Lines with the $25 plan, $30 plan, the discontinued Tablet plan, or the grandfathered Advanced plan are not eligible. Only eligible lines two-five on the same account will receive the monthly discount.

Monthly Savings

Eligible Line Monthly Line Discount Total Monthly Discount (All Lines)
First None None
Second $10 $10
Third $20 $30
Fourth $30 $60
Fifth $40 $100

The maximum monthly discount is $100 when you have 5 eligible lines on your account.

Please Note: Accounts that are receiving a Group Save discount are not eligible for the Auto Pay credit.

If you are currently receiving the Auto Pay credit as a single line account, and you add a new, Group Save-eligible line of service to your account, you will no longer receive the $5/mo. Auto Pay credit (even if you leave Auto Pay turned on). But don't worry, we'll automatically apply the $10/mo. Group Save discount to your account. You'll save even more!