How to Manage My Account Info

It's easy to view and change your Cricket account info online or on your device.

How do I View My Account Info?

Sign in to My Account from your computer or phone using your phone number or username and password. Or, download the myCricket App and sign in. You will see the following:

Account Summary

Here you’ll find a brief listing of your amount due and due date, along with any credits on your account. Underneath, you’ll find an overview of the phone numbers on your account and the plans and phones associated with each one. From here, you can opt to make a payment, set up Auto Pay, or select a phone number to view detailed plan, feature, and usage information. You can also upgrade your phone and add a line to your account.


This is your home for anything related to money. You can view your amount due and due date, set up or change your Auto Pay preferences, or pay via credit or debit. (To use a Cricket Refill, or Service Payment card, you’ll need to visit Quick Pay).

Billing History

The Billing section shows what you paid and when, so you’ll always have a record of your recent transactions. Charges are itemized for ease of reference.


Cricket plans include unlimited calls and texts, so we only track high-speed data usage and international add-on calling. Curious how much high-speed data you’ve used this month? Just visit Usage and select your phone number.

Plans & Services

Find out exactly what’s included in your plan. Then add or remove features as necessary.

Account Settings

Need to reset your voicemail passcode, sign up for Cricket emails, or manage streaming settings? This is the place. You can also change your My Account password and turn Account PIN security on or off as necessary.

How do I Change My Account Info?

There are several ways you can change your Cricket account info:

  • My Account
    1. Sign in to My Account
    2. Select Account Settings from the top.
    3. Select Edit to change your account info.
    4. Make your changes, then select Save.
  • myCricket app
    1. Open your myCricket app and sign in.
    2. To access Account Settings, tap the gear icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Select the information you would like to update, and follow the prompts.

Multiline account owners need to share the account password so other users can view account details. If account PIN security is off, users with the password can make account changes and purchases. If account PIN security is on, the PIN needs to be shared in order for other users to make changes or purchases.

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