What is HBO Max?

HBO Max offers shows and movies for everyone in the family! With 13,000+ hours of streaming entertainment, you’ll always find something to watch. Qualified Cricket customers may enjoy the ad-supported version of HBO Max, which offers:

  • All of HBO’s addictive series and hit movies
  • The streaming home of DC’s iconic heroes and stories
  • The greatest TV series, like The Big Bang Theory and Friends
  • Exclusive HBO and Max Originals
  • The greatest collection of movies- timeless classics, quotable comedies, and action-packed adventures
  • A kid-friendly experience and flexible parental controls

How do I get HBO Max?

HBO Max is available to qualified customers. To activate HBO Max (ad supported), you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Cricket customers must be on the $60/mo unlimited plan to access HBO Max. To be eligible on a multi-line account, at least one line must be on the $60/mo unlimited rate plan.
  2. You must have an online Cricket account. If you don’t already have one, you can create an online Cricket account through My Account or download the myCricket app for your Apple or Android device. Once an account has been created, your login credentials can be used to sign in to both your Cricket and HBO Max accounts.

Note: Cricket customers are required to enter their Cricket username and password when activating their HBO Max account on a new device. If you forgot your username or password, click Account Management for more information.

Signing in to HBO Max

Now that you have everything you need, signing in is easy.

To view HBO Max on a Smart TV or Connected TV Device:

Step 1. Open the HBO Max App on your Smart TV or connected TV device.

Note: You will need a second device for your first time logging in.

Step 2. Enter the code from the TV screen into the second device.

Step 3. Choose Sign In Through A TV Or Mobile Provider.

Step 4. Select Cricket

Step 5. Enter Cricket Username and Password

Step 6. Start watching HBO Max on the TV!

To view HBO Max on mobile or tablet:

Step 1. Download the HBO Max app on your Apple or Android device.

Step 2. Open the app. In the bottom right corner, tap the person icon.

Step 3. Select Sign In To Your Account.

Step 4. Select Sign In With A Provider.

Step 5. Select Cricket Wireless as your provider.

Step 6. Sign in with your Cricket username and password or create a Cricket login account.

Step 7. Create your HBO Max account.

Step 8. Start Streaming


You can stream HBO Max on smartphones, tablets, TVs and other connected devices. For a complete list, visit hbom.ax/max-devices.You can also stream online from Mac and PC browsers by visiting play.hbomax.com. To access online:
  • Click Sign In.
  • Select Sign In With A Provider.
  • Choose Cricket Wireless as your provider.
  • Sign in with your Cricket username and password.
  • Create your HBO Max profile and start streaming.
You can have up to five separate HBO Max profiles and three concurrent streams. To learn how to add, manage and switch profiles, visit hbom.ax/profiles
HBO Max has powerful & customizable parental controls. To learn how to use them, visit hbom.ax/parental-controls
When you open the app, you’ll see featured content plus recommendations (For You), Just Added programming, Popular Movies and more. You can browse and search for movies & shows of interest then add them to your list. To learn more, visit hbom.ax/shows-movies.
  • If you are billed for HBO Max directly by HBO or WarnerMedia Direct, you may link your existing account to your Cricket account. Your existing billing will be canceled, and your Cricket benefit will be activated.
  • If you are getting HBO Max from another provider, you choose whether you want to link your existing service to Cricket or remain with the other provider. If you change to Cricket, you will need to contact your other provider to cancel HBO Max through them. Visit hbom.ax/account-found for more information.
If you change to a rate plan that does not qualify for HBO Max, you will no longer have access to HBO Max from Cricket. You may choose to subscribe directly with HBO Max at www.hbomax.com

Need More Help?

If you have any questions about HBO Max, have technical issues, need assistance using the app, or have billing questions, visit the HBO Max Help Center.

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