3G Network Shutdown

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At Cricket, we’re always working behind the scenes to provide you with the best possible wireless experience. Which is why in February 2022, we retired our 3G service for all Cricket customers to make room for more improvements to our network. This shift will mean faster, stronger, more reliable service for customers who had used services on the 3G network.

To use our network once 3G services retired, a High-Definition Voice-capable (HD Voice-capable) device that is compatible with Cricket’s HD Voice network is required. If you’re a new customer, you’ll either need to purchase an HD Voice-capable device from us or bring a device that’s HD Voice-capable and compatible with our network.

To see if your current phone is compatible with our HD Voice network check your device ID here. To learn more about the transition and what you can do to prepare, read on.


We want to make sure you have the best possible experience with us. Over the past few years, mobile internet traffic on our wireless network has increased exponentially—and a more advanced network will be better equipped to handle it. Retiring 3G service will help make room for more improvements to our network and help customers have a better experience.
Our 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network performs at a higher standard, offering better speed and higher-quality audio, including High-Definition (HD) Voice. However, it only works with devices that are made for it.
Technically speaking, an HD Voice-capable device is one that’s able to use VoLTE (Voice over LTE) wideband audio technology and noise cancelation, which allows a wider range of sound waves to be sent over the network. In terms of performance, we like to say the difference is loud and clear: HD Voice makes phone calls crisp, clear, and easier to hear. Voices sound more natural, and you’ll hear much less background noise compared with standard voice calls. Also, you’ll be able to stream at 4G LTE speeds during your call. Check out the Cricket sold HD Voice capable devices here. Or, if you love the phone you have, and want to bring it to Cricket, check the list of BYOD Compatible phones here.
If you’re on a data-only plan with a data-only device right now, you’ll need to make sure it’s an LTE data device. Most data-only devices these days are LTE-capable, but we recommend checking to ensure your current device is compatible. See if your current device is compatible with our network.
Only if that device is HD Voice-capable and compatible with our network. We want you to have the best wireless experience on our network and on your device, so it is very important to check device compatibility before you move your SIM from your current device. Moving your SIM to an ineligible, non-compatible device could cause a service interruption that can only be restored by moving the SIM back to a compatible device.
Talk and data services won’t work on a non-HD Voice-capable and non-compatible device after we shut down the 3G network. All voice and data devices will need to be HD Voice-capable and compatible with the Cricket network. If you have a data-only device, it will need to be LTE-capable. Not sure what kind of device you have, or if you’ll need to upgrade? Find out.
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