With Group Save discounts you can save up to $70 each month when you add eligible lines to your account. 

New and existing customers in good standing with at least two (2) eligible lines of service on one account will automatically receive Group Save discounts. Lines with a Cricket rate plan starting at $40/mo are eligible for Group Save discounts. Only eligible lines two through five on the same account will receive the monthly discount.

Monthly Savings

Eligible Line* Monthly Line Discount Total Monthly Account Discount (All Lines)
First None None
Second $10 $10
Third $20 $30
Fourth $20 $50
Fifth $20 $70
Sixth-Ninth None $70

*Minimum $40/mo plan required on all lines. Discount applies to lines 2-5 only on the same account. See details below.

The maximum monthly discount is $70 when you have 5 eligible lines on your account. Note that the Auto Pay credit does not apply to accounts receiving a Group Save or multi-line discount. If you are currently receiving the Auto Pay credit and you add a new line of service to your account, we'll apply the Group Save discount instead since it's a greater savings.

Existing customers, heads up! As of Nov. 5, 2017, we are making changes to our Group Save discounts. Learn how these changes impact you and which changes will automatically move you to the new discount.

**Group Save: Minimum $40/mo plan required on all lines. Multi-line discount applies to lines 2-5 only on the same account and may vary ($10 line 2; $20 each on lines 3-5). Not combinable with Auto Pay credit or select promotional rates. Restr's apply, see cricketwireless.com/legal-info/group-save-terms-and-conditions.html. General: Service available for 30 days upon payment which is not refundable or transferable. Activ./upgrade fee (up to $25/line) & add'l one-time (up to $3 Customer Assistance Fee) fees may apply, see cricketwireless.com/fees. Pricing, terms, & restr's subject to change or termination at any time without notice. Service subject to terms of service (cricketwireless.com/terms) and network management policies (cricketwireless.com/mobilebroadband). Coverage & svc not avail everywhere.