Try Deezer From Cricket for FREE!

Get all the music you want, when you want it, streamed to your smartphone, ad-­free and on-demand. Save your favorites on your phone with one-­touch downloads.

  • Access to Deezer's huge library of millions of tracks.
  • Listen on the go with ad-free streaming to your mobile device.
  • Download your favorite songs to your smartphone as long as you subscribe to Deezer.
  • Discover new artists and get custom playlist recommendations based on the music you love.

Deezer From Cricket Free Trial Offer Details

New Cricket customers get 30 days FREE to listen to music on demand, create playlists, and share music with friends. Existing customers get at least 15 days free. After the trial ends you will automatically be billed $6/month unless you cancel. The length of your trial depends on when you sign up and where your next monthly bill date falls.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

Add the Deezer From Cricket feature to your plan during checkout or in My Account, and start your free trial. View our step-by-step instructions.

If you're upgrading to a new device, first activate your device. Then log in to My Account or the myCricket app to add the free trial.

TIP: If you sign up with fewer than 15 days left in your billing cycle, you can enjoy the free trial for the rest of your current billing cycle AND the following billing cycle (up to 45 days free). You won't be billed the $6 monthly fee until the end of your next month's billing cycle.

If you sign up with 15 days or more left in your current billing cycle, you can enjoy the free trial for the rest of your current billing cycle. You'll be billed the $6 monthly fee on your next billing due date (up to 30 days free).

View our guide to canceling Deezer From Cricket.

View the full Deezer From Cricket Terms & Conditions


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