July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Last year, due to the pandemic, Cricket Wireless recognized the occasion by providing in-home wireless etiquette tips. But now that life is starting to return to normal, it's a great time to provide a quick refresher on how to courteously use your cell phone outside of the home

  • Be present. As much as you may love your cell phone, it won't feel abandoned if you ignore it for a while...promise! Now that you're finally able to enjoy the company of family and friends, don't miss the moment by worrying about what you may be missing on your phone. If you need to, turn your cell phone off or turn it over so you can't see the screen. It may be difficult at first, but just remember all those months of wishing you could indulge in in-person interactions. Now that you can, show the people that you're with that they matter more than your phone.

  • Silence your cell phone when you're at a restaurant, movie theater, church service or any place where a ringing or vibrating cell phone would be an unwelcomed disruption. Most phones have a "do not disturb" feature which allow you to manage incoming calls as well as text notifications. Silence is not only golden, it's often necessary.

  • Speakerphones should only be used in private. Not only is this the courteous thing to do, it's the best way to keep your personal and business phone conversations secure. If you need to keep your hands free, invest in a good pair of earphones or headphones.

  • Keep your device charged. It's happened to most of us–we leave the house with an inadequately charged phone and then, while out in public, frantically search for some place to quickly charge up. And if you don't have a charging cable with you, you have to find that, too. If your device is an essential part of your everyday life, which for most of us it is, then establish a daily routine for charging your phone. And, as a backup, consider purchasing a portable charger or power bank, so your cell phone can keep pace with your mobile lifestyle.

  • Always say no to distracted driving. When driving, your eyes should be on the road–not your cell phone messages or other device content. Not only can it wait–in many states, it's against the law. If you must make a call or send a text while driving, safely pull over.

Remember, being kind and courteous is appreciated all year long. Hopefully these wireless tips from Cricket Wireless will help you and your cell phone stand out for all the right reasons.