Cindy Rozier
AVP Marketing Management, Cricket Wireless

This Valentine’s Day, we’re giving customers one more reason to fall in love with Cricket Wireless—actually, nine more reasons.

Meet our beloved crew of Cricket Characters: Ramon, Mia, Rose, Chip, Lucy, Dusty, Dante, Miles and Barry. Sure, you may have seen them over the years in our advertising or on display in our retail stores or at our sponsored events, but do you really know them? We think a formal introduction is long overdue. Chances are you’ll find a character or two that is as relatable—and lovable—as you are.

is suave, confident, mysterious and charming. His wireless phone is loaded with dating apps. Ramon appreciates that love is all about the right connection, and so is Cricket Wireless. In fact, he wouldn’t bother asking, “Can I get your number?” if he didn’t have a reliable nationwide network.

Mia is mischievous, spontaneous and confident. She’s a trendsetter that loves power and speed, which is what she gets with Cricket nationwide 5G.1  

Rose is refined, dramatic and clever. She’s always on the lookout for hidden gems or that next big thing, which is why she appreciates Cricket keeping her covered with the latest and greatest phones.

is cool, tough and fearless. Chip believes he’s not too different from Cricket. From the outside, Cricket may seem smaller than the big guys—but they actually are a powerhouse of a network with devices worth flexing.

is artistic, introverted, hip and empathetic. What she loves most about Cricket is that there are no secrets. No surprises.

Dusty is excitable, friendly, social and eager to absorb new things. When everyone is your friend then wow, that’s a lot of texting. Cricket lets him stay on top of his bazillion group chats while scrolling on discovery boards until his heart’s content or, at least, ‘til his thumb aches.

is a clever, relaxed know-it-all. He’s most likely to have all the answers. In fact, one of the reasons he loves Cricket is the unlimited data2—which Dante knows means unlimited knowledge.

Miles is likeable, goofy and a total klutz. He’s most likely to accidently butt dial. Like Cricket, he knows how to put smiles on peoples’ faces.

Barry is polite, soft-spoken and sees the good in everyone. He loves Cricket because he’s all about reliability—and nothing lets you be a better friend than having a reliable connection on Cricket! Morning, night, Canada, Mexico3—there’s nothing stopping Barry from being at his friends’ metaphorical sides.

1 Cricket 5G requires a compatible device and is not available everywhere. For coverage, see
2 Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
3 Restrictions apply. 5G in U.S. only.