Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have a rich history of solid academia, social and community activism, devoted alumnae and high-stepping, soulful marching bands. An HBCU marching band’s performance is as much about the movement as it is the music—both of which channel the boundless spirit of the institutions they represent. And when you couple energetic musical performances with the spirited reaction of the fans in the stands, you have a powerful illustration of music’s unfailing ability to bring people—all people—together.

Cricket Wireless, the carrier focused on spreading smiles, one connection at a time, is also hoping to drum up greater support and awareness of HBCU music programs during Black Music Month with its new social campaign, “Endless Sound.”

While HBCU marching bands are beloved and celebrated, they also are underfunded—much like the schools. As part of Cricket’s ongoing commitment to the HBCU community, Cricket is donating $3,000 to the music programs at each of the eight HBCU schools competing in the National Battle of the Bands in August. Cricket is also encouraging others to show their support for these eight schools by making a donation to the HBCU Band Together scholarship fund.

Additionally, as part of its “Endless Sound” social campaign, Cricket will highlight the original works of two Black artists, Nikki Moon and Adrian Brown, on their social platforms throughout the month of June. In fact, limited edition copies of Nikki’s art will be sold as an NFT starting June 10th to help raise additional funds for the schools. 

Now, if you’ve never seen an HBCU marching band perform or just want to see, hear and feel why Cricket is so passionate about the whole HBCU experience, check out our “Endless Sound” video. After watching, we hope you’ll be moved to join #CricketNation in celebrating Black Music Month by supporting HBCU music programs at www.hbcusbandtogether.org.