Get Moving with Cricket Wireless
May kicks off the busy summer moving season.  It’s probably not surprising that many find the entire moving process daunting. After all, there are so many things to consider and then actually do.
Cricket Wireless has packaged up a few wireless tips to help you get your move on:

Check, please! Creating a thorough check list – and doing so early – is essential to a well-organized move. Have you arranged for utilities in your old place to be turned off as well as utilities in your new place to be turned on? Have you filled out a change of address form or secured a reliable moving company? What about prearranging temporary care for your kids or pets on moving day?  Having moving check list on your wireless device is a simple way to manage the myriad of to-dos, before and after the move. Having it on your wireless device – either in your notes folder or a moving app – also makes it easy to share with others who may be assisting with your move (see next tip!).

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! Did you realize that your wireless device is the gateway to free, friendly labor? Yep, they’re called family and friends, and they’re patiently standing by in the contacts folder on your phone. Need help packing, sorting or purging? Make a call. Need helping running items to a donation center or staffing a weekend yard sale? Send a text. The bottom line: don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.  

Damage control! If you’ve ever moved across the country, or even around the block, you know things can sometimes get lost, stolen or damaged. To help you keep track of your inventory—and the condition it was in when you packed it, use your phone’s camera to take some pics. This will also prove helpful if you need to file a claim with your insurance company. Additionally, most reputable moving companies are liable for any damage, so showing this proof will allow you to recur costs for any repairs you may need.

Let it go! A move is the perfect excuse to let go of things you’ve never used or will no longer need in your new place. You can always donate or give items away, but you can also use your trusty smartphone to help you sell them online. Not only can you use your phone to photograph items you want to sell, but there are lots of free apps out there to help you sell them.   

Cricket Wireless hopes these tips will start you moving in the right direction!