What's the credit based on?

Make, model and condition of the phone. Any wireless phone can be traded up, but not all will be eligible for a credit.

Do I need to have the battery, charger and accessories?

No, just the working phone. We'll take care of the rest.

My phone is pretty battered. Is that okay?

Yes. It just needs to power on and the screen needs to be working.

How many phones can I trade up?

There's no limit, but credits for devices traded in can only go towards new devices and accessories. You can't use credits for device trade ups towards your monthly services.

What if my phone has no value?

No problem. We can recycle it for you if you'd like. 

Can trade up credit be used toward my service fees?

No, credit can only be applied to the purchase of a new Cricket device or new accessories. You must use all of your credit at once.

Who is responsible for removing data from the handset?

You are. You must remove all personal or confidential information from your phone before trading it in. This includes your contacts, calendar, photos, messages, call history, email, text messages, videos, web browsing history and any other personal, confidential or sensitive information from your device. You can easily transfer your data with Content Shuttle, then safely remove all information from your phone. You must also remove the SIM card and memory card, if applicable, from the device and perform a factory reset of the device before trading it in. If you need help, please go to any Cricket store for assistance.

Who is Clover Wireless?

Clover Wireless is the company that is purchasing the device from you in exchange for a credit to be applied to an in-store equipment purchase. All trade-up transactions are final.

What happens to the phone once it is traded?

Clover attempts to clear all personal data when they receive the device at their processing facility. Reusable phones will be re-marketed. Non-working phones will be recycled according to federal, state, and local laws. Clover Wireless is ISO 14001 registered.

Can I trade up my tablet too?

No, not at this time. You can only trade up phones.