Submitting a Wireless Rebate

A complete wireless rebate form submission generally includes three items:

  • A fully completed rebate form. Please print clearly. Ensure it includes the 10-digit Cricket wireless number and the 15-digit IMEI number associated with the rebate device.
  • A photocopy of your sales receipt or order confirmation email for the qualifying device purchased. Purchase date, rebate device and price paid must be clearly visible. Ensure your date of purchase falls within the purchase dates listed on your rebate form.
  • The entire original IMEI / proof-of-purchase label from the actual device box as called for on your rebate form.

Please read your rebate form carefully to ensure you have met the offer requirements as listed for your specific offer and keep copies of your submission for your reference.

Important Promotion Card Terms and Conditions

Checking the Status of Your Mail-In Rebate

Go to the rebate status inquiry page and enter your last name, street address and ZIP code for detailed information on where your rebate is in the redemption process.