International Day of Friendship is July 30 and, this year, National Friendship Day, National Girlfriends’ Day, National Sisters’ Day, and National Family Day are all occurring on August 1. Clearly, the next few days are all about recognizing and honoring some of our closest relationships.

Cricket Wireless, the carrier focused on spreading smiles, one meaningful connection at a time, invites customers to pick an occasion and then pick up their phones to connect with those that make life worth celebrating.

Life gets busy. Between juggling work, school, and family obligations—plus the all-important “me time,” it’s easy to lose contact with those we care most about. But we shouldn’t let time, distance or situations keep us from staying connected. Often, a simple “I miss you” text is all that’s needed to get the relationship back on track.

When you think about it, our wireless devices are an ever-present reminder of why we love the people that we do. From stored pics of summer vacations or those “Girls Night Out” antics to saved voicemail messages and humorous texts, most of us are just a tap away from remembering just how loved we are. And with just a couple of more taps, we can easily share those precious memories and make plans to create more.

Friendship l knows no boundaries—and Cricket makes it simple and affordable to maintain – and even establish – relationships with family and friends across the globe. Cricket customers enjoy unlimited texts from the U.S. to 37 countries as well as the freedom to call, text and use data while traveling in Mexico and Canada. Not only is this convenient, it is essential.

So, if you’re looking for a reason to reach out and celebrate those treasured relationships, your window (or rather holiday) of opportunity is near. Will you be texting a “Bon Jour,” “Hola” or “Hallo” on the International Day of Friendship or doing a post on social media that says “My Sis is Better than Yours” on National Sisters’ Day? Whatever you decide, just do it with love…and remember to do it often. After all, that’s what phones are for.