Whether you’ve created a list of resolutions for 2023 or chosen a single word that will inspire and guide you throughout the year, Cricket Wireless is here to help you stress less and smile more every step of the way.

In fact, we’ve set an intention of our own this year and that’s to encourage more people to try Cricket.

Our tryCricket app gives consumers with an eligible device a chance to experience Cricket’s easy, high-quality service on our powerful nationwide network with a 14-day trial at no cost or commitment. As a tryCricket customer, you will receive a temporary phone number with 3GB of data with unlimited talk and text during the trial period.

You’ve got nothing to lose by giving Cricket a try, but so much to gain if you ultimately decide to join—like a strong network, a great selection of top-brand devices, affordable plans, and award-winning customer service.

So, if you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to reduce stress, save money, enhance your wireless experience or simply to try something new, we invite you to try Cricket today.