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Cricket offers simple prepaid monthly plan choices with affordable add-on features to suit your needs.  

No Annual Contract Plans

1 GB





Monthly Rate $30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00 $70.00
High-Speed Data Allowance 1 GB
was 2.5 GB
now 3 GB*
was 5 GB
now 8 GB*
was 10 GB
now 12 GB*



Important Data Speed, Usage and Pricing Information and Terms  

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*Good news! Our Basic, Smart and Pro plans now come with more high-speed data access than ever before. The $40/mo Basic plan now features 3 GB, the $50/mo Smart plan offers 8 GB, and the $60/mo Pro plan includes 12 GB of high-speed data access. If you're an existing customer on one of these plans, your data will be automatically increased at no extra cost by Feb. 27, 2017. Change your plan easily in My Account online or via the myCricket app.

Plan Features

Data access plus unlimited talk & text to and from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.**

All Cricket smartphone plans starting at $50/mo (Smart, Pro, Unlimited, and grandfathered Smart, Pro, and Advanced plans) now include data access plus unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. Now you can use your Cricket phone while traveling in Mexico and Canada.

  • Includes text, picture, and video messages (SMS & MMS).
  • Data speeds reduced when you use up your plan's high-speed allowance.
  • Primary use must occur in the U.S.
  • Calls, texts, or data usage while in Mexico and/or Canada cannot exceed 50% of the total usage.
  • Coverage in Mexico is provided by iUSACellTelefonica (Movistar) and Nextel.
  • Coverage in Canada is provided by Rogers Wireless, Telus, and Bell Mobility.

**Calls and messages from the U.S. to the Northern Territories of Canada not included.

View Cricket International Terms and Conditions.

International texting

With Cricket's smartphone plans starting at $50/mo, you can also send unlimited text messages from the U.S. to 38 countries worldwide! Note: This does not include picture and video messages. View the 38 countries.

High-Speed Data Allowances

With high-speed data access, you will have up to 4G LTE speeds. 4G LTE means you can upload photos in a flash, game with more power, and surf the web even faster.

When you perform these kinds of activities online, you're using your high-speed data (unless you're connected to Wi-Fi). After you use up your high-speed data allowance, your speeds will be reduced for the remainder of your billing cycle. Reduced-speed data is typically equivalent to 2G speeds (128 Kbps).

  • High-speed data access = a maximum of 8 Mbps for compatible LTE devices and 4 Mbps for compatible HSPA+ devices.
  • Reduced speed data = a maximum 128 Kbps

Data in Mexico & Canada

If you have a $50/mo and up rate plan, you can use your high-speed data in Mexico or Canada. It will count against your plan's high-speed data allowance. Note: Data speeds while roaming in Mexico and Canada are subject to the capabilities of the local service providers, your device, and your location. 

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More Savings

Want to save even more? Get $5 bill credit when you sign up for Auto Pay. Or, save up to $100 a month with Group Save when you add eligible lines to your account. The Auto Pay credit is not available with Group Save. 

Talk, Text & Save Plan

For just $25 a month, enjoy unlimited calling and texting in the U.S. (data and picture/video messages not included). Please note that Talk, Text & Save is not eligible for Group Save.

$25 Talk, Text, and Save Plan Terms and Conditions